Mentors for Trailblazers


Trailblazers exists to shepherd Trail to Success graduates toward God by engaging the ranch, Bible and natural horsemanship.

Volunteer Opportunities are available for adult Christians that want to mentor a child that has graduated from our intensive 18 week therapy sessions.  There is a 2 hour per month time commitment to volunteer in this program.  One of those hours is done in a group setting the second Monday night of each month at 5:30pm.  And then the rest of the time with your mentee is done during the volunteer windows at the Ranch that you would coordinate with the parents of that child.  The focus is on relationship building between the mentor and the mentee, helping the child with life coping skills and helping to build a relationship with God. Trailblazers run all year with time taken off the month of January and all other holidays.  If you are interested in making a positive impact on a child’s life then please fill out the following application and our Program Director will reach out to you shortly!


Mentor Application